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Our Leadership

Chris Mahony,Peloria CEO and Co-Founder

is a lawyer and political economist. He also works on the utility of emergent data sources and methods to inform new financing approaches, in the Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice at the World Bank where he previously worked in the Independent Evaluation Group and the Governance Global Practice. During his 17 year career, he has served as Strategic Policy and Rule of Law Adviser and Global Focal Point on Transitional Justice at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in New York and as founding Deputy Director of the New Zealand Centre for Human Rights at Auckland University Law School. He has taught courses in Law and International Relations at Peking University, Oxford University and Auckland University. In 2008, he directed the design of Sierra Leone’s domestic witness protection program. He was admitted to the bar of the High Court of New Zealand in 2006 where he appeared for the Crown in criminal and refugee matters. In 2003, aged 21, he worked in Sierra Leone and Liberia, where, among other work, he drafted the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations on governance and corruption, and its ‘Historical antecedents to the conflict’ chapter.

Dr. Mahony holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the University of Otago, as well as a Master’s in African Studies (M.Sc.) and a D.Phil. in Politics from the University of Oxford. While studying he played rugby professionally in New Zealand and the UK, including for the Auckland NPC side (winning the 2007 NPC). He won four rugby Blues for Oxford University.

His full list of publications is available here

Rohini Srihari,Peloria Chief Data Scientistand Co-Founder

is a professor in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering at the State University of New York where her research in artificial intelligence focuses on natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Her research has been funded by organizations including DARPA, IARPA and the National Science Foundation. She has worked extensively with the US Government in developing innovative multilingual text mining solutions. She has founded and directed technology start-ups, focusing on “big data” analytics solutions for various markets. She recently served as Chief Data Scientist at PeaceTech Lab, a non-profit incubated within the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. She directed a multidisciplinary team in the development of a software platform that leverages diverse data sources to provide scalable solutions for conflict prevention and early warning of social disruption in fragile countries. Her research is currently focused on AI for Social Impact and includes topics such as predicting social unrest, fake news detection, and conversational AI.

She has published over 100 research papers in computer science journals and conference proceedings and given numerous invited talks. She is also the author of two US patents, one on multilingual text mining.

Dr. Srihari received her B. Math degree from the University of Waterloo (Canada) and her PhD in Computer Science from the State University of New York.

Her full list of publications is available here

Eduardo Albrecht,Peloria Chief Ethnographer and Co-Founder

obtained his PhD in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London. He is currently Program Head of the International Relations and Diplomacy Program at Mercy College in New York and was previously Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Studies at Pukyong National University in South Korea. He served as Visiting Fellow at the European Institute for Asian Studies in Brussels and the International Peace Institute in New York, has published on social movements (Alter-globalization in Southern Europe: Anatomy of a Social Movement, 2017, Palgrave Macmillan), and was founder of Ethnographic Edge, a multidisciplinary geopolitical risk forecasting project using technology from Recorded Future.

His full list of publications is available here

Who we are

Our People

Ayaka Oishi,Political Analyst and Project Manager

Ayaka has a strong background in both conflict resolution and Artificial Intelligence. At Peloria, Ayaka leads the policy analysis team, manages several projects, and also leads on business development. She previously worked as a consultant at IBM and as a fellow at PeaceTech Lab in the United States Institute of Peace. As a recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship from Japan, she graduated with an MA in Conflict Resolution at Georgetown University. She was formerly an intern at Peloria.

Takeshi Teshima,Data Scientist

Takeshi Teshima is a Ph.D. student in Machine Learning at the University of Tokyo. After receiving the B.Econ. and the M.Sc. from the University of Tokyo, he has researched the topics of learning from imperfect information and causality-informed machine learning. During his research, he has published at multiple top-tier conferences such as the International Conference on Machine Learning, the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, and the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. His research interest lies in developing general machine learning methodologies that leverage the causal mechanism behind data as well as in AI for Good

Bhoomi Gandhi,Data Scientist

With her Master’s in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo, Bhoomi is someone who is dedicated to contributing to society by implementing her expertise. She previously worked as a software developer at Essential Machine, a technological startup reducing Covid-19 spread at universities and on the vast digitization of record-keeping for a hospital research institute. She also holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai.

Weifeng Zhong,Data Scientist

Weifeng is a political economist and data scientist. He is a senior research fellow with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and a core developer of the open-sourced Policy Change Index project, which uses machine learning to predict authoritarian regimes’ policy moves by “reading” their propaganda. Weifeng has been published in a variety of scholarly journals. His work has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, Politico, and the South China Morning Post, among others. Weifeng holds a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. in managerial economics and strategy from Northwestern University.

Stephanie Richter,Data Scientist

Stephanie is a second year Master’s student studying computational linguistics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. As a linguist, she is primarily interested in developing computational models for understanding the syntactic and semantic properties of words, as well as how such words may be combined so as to alter human (or machine) understanding. At the University at Buffalo, she has worked as part of the interdisciplinary Tesserae project on computationally detecting allusions within classical texts, and has previously worked as a junior data analyst at The Buffalo News. She will be beginning her PhD in Linguistics at the University of Rochester in Fall 2021.

Noriyuki Higashide,Data Science Fellow

Noriyuki is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Tokyo. His research interests lie in data science for social problems and bibliometrics. Using a topic model and network science, he analyses how scientific fields are emerging. At a Tokyo-based start-up, he leads data science projects and/or business development. He formerly worked at IBM and holds an MSci from the University of Tokyo.

Yuji Naraki,Data Scientist Intern

Yuji is a 1st year Masters student at Waseda University. His research field is deep learning applied to natural language processing, especially dialogue summarization, news summarization, and entity linking for assembly speeches. He has experience building API to access deep learning models, web applications, and iOS applications. He is also interested in the intersection of art and technology and has exhibited some digital artworks.

Meg Siritzky,Language Psychology Fellow

Meg Siritzky is a PhD student at the University of Oregon studying Psychology with a specialization in data science. Her research focuses on measuring violence-promoting political attitudes and examining their relationship with support for political violence. She is a prior recipient of the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights Fellowship and Columbia University’s Kraft Global Fellowship. Meg holds an MS in Psychology from the University of Oregon and a BA in Environmental Science from Barnard College.

Alphie Kitembo,Research Associate

She is a partnership researcher at the National School of Administration in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She previously worked as a corporate researcher and organizer at Oxfam America. She has a Dual MA in Conflict Management and Sustainable International Development from the Heller School at Brandeis University. She is fluent in French and Swahili with proficiency in several other languages.

Takamichi Harada,Research Associate

Takamichi is a recent graduate from Georgetown University with a Master’s in Conflict Resolution. At school, he studied International Development and Humanitarian Issues, with a majority of his classes focusing on IDPs, government-led development in developing countries, and political risk management. In prior careers, he has interned in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene development at iDE and IDPs at IDMC. He has a deep passion for the intersection between business, government, and society, focusing on leveraging business roles in political and social phenomena, especially around conflict resolution settings.

Kylie Grow,Capstone Student

Kylie Grow is a Research Assistant on the Human Services Initiative at the Migration Policy Institute where she works on projects related to refugees, asylees and unaccompanied children. Kylie has three years of experience working in direct services for immigrant children and families in the United States. At Georgetown, Kylie has studied AI for development, tech design for development, data science, policy analysis, development economics and econometrics. She recently worked as a research intern for gui2de on a digital financial inclusion project based out of Nairobi, Kenya. Kylie’s areas of expertise include forced migration and political economy in the Americas, and she leads a team of Georgetown students on a public policy consulting project with Guatemala’s largest shelter for trafficked youth. Kylie holds B.A.s in Global Development Studies and Spanish from the University of Virginia where she graduated with Distinction as a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Dana Alrayess,Capstone Student

Dana is currently a Research Assistant at DIME working on an impact evaluation of Estonia’s rollout new enhanced care management system by supporting the development of a statistical analysis capability that identifies vulnerable populations and improves health care insurance information. She has also developed several policy recommendations and literature reviews for the roll out of the program that have been presented to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Her previous background includes several communications positions, including as an Assistant Producer for a major Middle Eastern News outlet’s UN Studio. Dana has experience working with large data sets using RStudio and is currently learning Python and SQL. Her main area of interest is conflict and development, with a special interest in the Middle East, particularly the Levant and the Gulf.

Estela Zuzunaga,Capstone Student

Estela is a 2nd year student in the Masters of International Development Policy Program. Her background is in economic development and gender equity. She obtained her B.A in International Relations with a minor in International Development at Brigham Young University where she worked for the Political and Economic Development Lab, in projects focused in Latin America and Africa. Estela performed market research and coached small-business owners in São- Paulo, Brazil. Worked at the Trade Commission of Peru in Los Angeles, and the Peruvian Consulate in Salt Lake City. She also recently worked on an education project based in Mozambique and the Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index at IFPRI.

Andrew Kane,Intern

Andrew is entering his first year in Georgetown University’s Master of Foreign Service program where he plans to focus on issues of water scarcity and conflict resolution. He comes to Peloria Insights with a background working in law and teaching English as a second language. Andrew obtained his B.A. in International Political Economy with a minor in Arabic from Fordham University and is also proficient in Spanish. In the future he hopes to work with the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer

Matteo Bastioni,User Experience Designer

He is an Art Director always in step with the creative trends and his task is to graphically represent all the work of the development team.


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